Its time to kick-start your Springtime Detox Diet and elevate your health

Kick-start that springtime detox diet and get ready for summer clothes. Get rid of belly bloat and stubborn middle belly fat. Resolve to elevate your health.  According to Chinese Medicine, Food is the most important medicine.

The right foods can detoxify and heal your body, increase your life energy, and add years to your life.  The wrong foods can shift you into an unhealthy balance leading to metabolic disorders like diabetes, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and more.

Springtime is the season of the Liver and here are some more tips to cleanse your body.  Springtime detox diet:

1) Eliminate inflammatory foods that fill you with toxins.  These come mainly from processed and refined carbs, sugars and sweetners, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives, bad fats, excess salt

2) Keep carbohydrate intake under 40 grams a day.  Since it gets increasingly harder to metabolize carbs (thus metabolic disorders), reduce all carb intake.  Focus on consuming crunchy greens as your carb.

3) Eliminate animal proteins during a cleanse

4) Avoid GMO and use organic

5) Eat more veges esp green leafy and those high in chlorophyll

6) Increase the good bacteria by feeding yourself a daily probiotic and consider adding more fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi

7) Get Acupuncture regularly to strengthen your digestive system, balance hormones and de-stress. Acupuncture can be hugely instrumental in this process to detox and rebuild a stronger, healthier you.  Ready to get started?  Give us a call to schedule your initial appointment.  312-243-8848 Harmony Health Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. #harmonyhealthch