Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chinese Nutritional Therapy utilizes the principles of Chinese medical theory and modern nutrition. Chinese Medicine recognizes that Food is medicinal therapy and evaluates individual foods by the way they affect the body.

Food can either support healthy function in the body or add to its dysfunction. They have been studied and categorized by Chinese Medicine doctors over thousands of years. Some of these categories include certain tastes and thermal properties (or temperature). The unique combination of tastes and temperature gives each food specific therapeutic properties. As part of your personalized wellness program, Chinese nutritional therapy uses specific foods as natural supplements to daily food intake, and a “therapeutic menu” to help you feel better, help remedy disease, strengthen, rebuild and rebalance the body.

Harmony Health Nutrition consultations are included as part of your complete personalized wellness program. We evaluate your current nutrition and educate you on the properties of various foods to support healthy function. Learn how to properly nourish your body.

  • Prevent illness
  • Restore a diseased condition to health
  • Be in harmony with the seasons
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Build up strength
  • Prolong one’s life

Healing with Chinese nutrition involves not only selecting nutritionally healthy cooking, but also preparing a highly individualized plan made from herbs, foods and condiments under the guidance of a food plan based on traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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