Food is Medicinal Therapy

Food is medicinal therapy, based on Chinese Medicine.  Yet as many as half of the patients admitted to U.S. hospitals are malnourished. Effectively correcting the nutritional problems could reduce unplanned readmissions by 30 percent, according to a study of several thousand patients, published in the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.

According to Chinese Medicine, food is medicinal therapy. This means the food we feed our bodies can either nourish or harm ourselves. Most people acknowledge that snack food, junk food, and fast food are not healthy. Yet most dont want to take responsibility for properly nourishing their bodies. Its easier to blame products and companies for selling convenience foods than to take responsibility for our own nutrition. And then theres Genetically Modified (GMO) food, produce sprayed with harmful chemicals, meat from animals treated with antibiotic and growth hormones, and grains treated with harmful pesticides.

Chinese Medicine recognizes that each person is uniquely wired and and therefore has differing food recommendations. Differential diagnosis requires differential treatment. Take control and take responsibility to properly nourish yourself. Need help?  Call us here at Harmony Health to set-up your initial evaluation.  312-493-1021  #harmonyhealthch