Harmony Health, Inc. Fertile Harmony™ Workshop Series

Through these workshops, you will learn how Acupuncture and Oriental medicine has been boosting fertility for thousands of years and how this ancient medicine can improve your fertility success naturally or effectively complement the assisted reproductive techniques of IUI, and IVF.
Designed for couples, the Fertile Harmony™ Workshop series provides invaluable education on the varying causes and contributing factors to female and male infertility, recurrent miscarriage, anxiety/stress and post-partum depression. You will also learn complementary nutrition, mind-body exercises, fertility massage techniques and lifestyle/stress management.

Birthworks Childbirth Preparation Classes  8 week Series

“Birth is instinctual.  The knowledge of how to birth exists inside every woman.”  If this rings true for you, you’ll be excited to know that Harmony Health is now hosting Childbirth Preparation courses!  Holly Barhamand is a BirthWorks Instructor and Labor Doula who has partnered with birthing women all across the Chicagoland area.  We invite you to enroll in an 8-week process to discover your strengths and instincts as a birthing woman.  Be empowered to take an active role in the birth of your baby – learning how to choose or decline medical interventions, how to cope with the pain of birth, nutrition and exercise, Pelvic Bodywork, emotional healing, breastfeeding and postpartum care, how to choose your birth team and to write a birth plan.  These classes take you beyond the nuts and bolts of birth into the spiritual and emotional journey of becoming a parent for the first or fifth time!  Please email [email protected] or call 312-613-1734 to register.  For more information, see Holly’s website or for more about the philosophies of BirthWorks:

Harmony Health, Inc. Fertile Harmony™ Retreats

The Fertile Harmony™ Retreat is an extension to the Fertile Harmony™ Workshop series where you can participate in a full weekend away from home and the usual routine to allow you to focus on your fertile well-being. Sessions are designed to effectively breakdown barriers and encourage the connection to your fertility. Experience the new found knowledge of relaxation and stress-release, a healthier mind-body and spirit connection, improved communication strategies with your spouse or partner, cooking tips with fertility foods, self-care techniques with massage and touch, and connecting with other women in a supportive environment who share this journey. And much more…

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